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Minimum Investment: $5,500
Funding Goal: $5,500,000
Hard Cap: $5,500,000
Asset Class: Hotel Real Estate
Token Standard: Ethereum

At CreamBNB we believe in luxury. We’re passionate about providing the type of stay guests will brag to their friends about. The lavish lifestyle of Las Vegas. Fast cars, fine dining, extravagant entertainment, and above all luxurious lodging.

The portfolio consists of 10 properties:

  • 2 Palms Place studios
  • 2 Palms Place one bedrooms
  • 2 MGM Signature studios
  • 1 MGM Signature one bedroom
  • 1 Platinum Hotel one bedroom
  • 2 Lake Las Vegas one bedrooms

Dividends and Ownership

CreamBNB will pay out dividends on the cash generated by the portfolio every quarter.
80% of profits generated by the portfolio will be redistributed to the owners
20% will be retained by CreamBNB for property management.


Please see Reinno’s website for more information about Portfolio, Financial Summary, Financial Projections, Market Overview, Team and Partners, Disclaimer and more documents.

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