Don’t try to rush into romance with men who’ve been seriously hurt in a relationship. If you suspect some past pain is still haunting him, you may want to gently inquire about his dating history. Do not see your partner retreating as a sign of ‘rejection’ and take it personally. You are ‘baggage free’ – okay, not quite ‘baggage FREE’ but you have some ‘luggage,’ and this situation with your partner is not triggering you in this instance. Most, if not all, of us, have been hurt in the past, and no more so than in a past relationship. If he is not resolved with his past, he may have issues with self- esteem, trusting others, and trusting his own perceptions.

Your guy who has suffered many losses may try to recreate that loss with you. Most likely he’s not going to enjoy talking too much about his feelings. So, when you switch gears and talk about solutions and actions, it gets his rational side going and into solution-mode. People with depression sometimes lash out and say hurtful things. You know they don’t mean them, but you can still choose to protect yourself by setting a boundary around unkind or derogatory language.

Once you become aware of all the parts of yourself, you won’t feel the need to close yourself off. You’ll be able to throw alcohol on your wounds and give them time to heal so that you can experience love again. Since you deeply and solidly love yourself, you’ll no longer need approval from others. It takes a lot of strength to honor all the parts of you, regardless of the opinions of others. When the fear of smothering is very strong, it leads to classic commitment phobia.

But do all of this only if you are willing to stay.

It is important to also remember, however, that not every Gemini man is exactly the same, and everything will depend on each individual situation too. It is normal to argue in every relationship, and it is even healthy to have disagreements rather than to keep things bottled up and hidden inside. Without having open arguments and discussions with your partner it is likely that resentment is going to build up and you are going to end up falling out eventually. Being open and communicating with each other is so important. It can be helpful to have a conversation about attachment styles so you both know the best way to communicate feelings and emotions with the other person. Being vulnerable with someone you love creates a deeper level of intimacy.

Self-care- Be sure you are taking care of yourself and have your own friends, hobbies and interests. This is not only unhealthy but puts unnecessary stress on the relationship. He may at times seem detached and not as committed as you are. The only way to find out is to ask, but you must have patience in your approach.

While this article will shed light on the main things you should know about dating a man who has been hurt, it can be helpful to speak to a relationship coach about your situation. When you’re dating a man who has been hurt you should avoid getting into heavy topics too early. Second chances don’t come easy when you’re dating a man who has been hurt, and all too often they don’t come at all. To be fair, many people lie and have lied in relationships.

Looking to astrology can help you to determine how your man may act when he is hurt after an argument or disagreement and can also help you to decide how to deal with it. Your friends love you and want what’s best for you, so if they aren’t seeing him returning what you’re giving, they’ll let you know before you make yourself too susceptible to getting hurt. So if something’s on your mind about your relationship (maybe it bothers you that he doesn’t call very often), find a way to bring it up without being accusatory. Tell him how this thing makes you feel, and focus on how the two of you can work on things to make them better. As you learn to be vulnerable with a man, you understandably want him to be vulnerable with you as well. People make mistakes, if anyone says otherwise, you need to run a mile in the other direction as it shows a total lack of self-awareness.

He only thinks about today because he’s scared of what tomorrow could bring

After about nine months, Leeza wanted to know where things were heading in the relationship. George said that he just didn’t know for sure if marriage was for him, although he thought it was time and Leeza was really terrific. Leeza asked him to figure out where she stood but all he could say was that he was afraid of making a mistake. With the encouragement of her Love Mentor , Leeza finally left him and started dating other guys.

Things You Should Know About Dating a Broken Man

The past is always there waiting like a dark, yawning chasm. “The key is to not let him reenact his painful past with you,” says dating coach Erica Komisar on the website Soul Fulfilling Love. You want to relate to him on a deeper level, but you need to also stay aware that getting too close too quickly could crash him back into past pain. I recommend letting him know you really care about him and find him attractive but not in a pushy way or with an implied obligation. Telling him how you feel relatively early is not necessarily a bad thing, but there’s a right and wrong way to do it.

Learning to be on your own also makes it more likely that you won’t allow the wrong somebody into your life just because you are unable to be alone. ​If his past hurts are taking a toll on your relationship now, it is likely they will continue to do so unless he takes some serious steps to heal. If these old feelings have been around for a long time already, don’t expect that they will ever go away. Instead, assess whether the rest of the relationship is good enough to put up with his difficult feelings on occasion. And the tragedy is that in a world full of options and opportunities, in a world where most roads are smoothly paved, few will ever choose the rigid path to a damaged person’s heart. It should be clear by now that people with guarded hearts have a tough time trusting others.

His layers of hurt and trauma don’t often come out until months into dating him. However, there is something you can do to heal his emotional hurt and make him open up to you. If you’re looking for smooth sailing this isn’t the guy for you. Some mid-life crisis thing of a guy pushing down his emotions with long nights at the office.

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